The Top IT Certifications for 2019

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Certifications can be extremely valuable when it comes to making an IT professional more attractive to prospective employers. But not all certifications are equal, and their business value fluctuates year-in and year-out. CIO Magazine recently published a very insightful article that details the top 10 IT certifications people should focus on for 2019. Keep reading for a summary of their findings!

Oracle Certified Associate – DBA (OCA)

As data becomes a more integral part of companies around the world, certifications like this have shot up in popularity. The OCA grew over 40% in market value over the past year, and is designed for database admins, software engineers, and IT managers, among others.

Oracle Certified Associate – WebLogic Server Administrator

This certification focuses on the fundamentals of WebLogic Server and is designed for software engineers, system administrators, database administrators, and systems engineers. Much like the DBA certification above, it grew by 40% in value in 2018.

CompTIA Network (Network+)

Networking certifications also increased in value in 2018, due to the increasing complexity and demand of enterprise technology solutions. This particular certification focuses on the basics of managing enterprise networks and grew over 30% in value in 2018. It is worth checking out if you are a network administrator, computer technician, IS consultant, help desk technician, or a systems engineer.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS 9

This certification covers SAS programming skills, data and analytics, statistics, Hadoop, Hive, and more. It grew by 29% in value last year and is geared towards data analysts, data scientists, SAS programmers, and big data professionals.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional — Cloud Management and Automation Design

This certification has benefited greatly from companies making digital transformation a strategic priority, and grew by 25% in value in 2018. It focuses on implementing and managing a VMware vRealize environment, which is utilized in data center process automation. This particular certification is great for IT enterprise architects, solutions architects, IT managers, and more.

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