AIM Chairman & Founder Bill VanSickle Speaks at University of Montana School of Business

Bill VanSickle with the Gilkeys

This past month, AIM Chairman Bill VanSickle was invited to the University of Montana to participate in the Gilkey Executive Lecture Series for the University of Montana’s School of Business. The Gilkey Executive Lecture Series is a program for successful business leaders to interact with students, alumni, and faculty in an effort to share their knowledge about business and life. Past speakers have included CEOs from Boeing, REI, and Nasdaq, as well as the Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Bill VanSickle with faculty and students at the University of Montana

Bill VanSickle’s lecture was attended by 170 people and focused on how the Montana School of Business prepared him for his career by helping him acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur in the business world. He also discussed his key business philosophies, particularly his belief that success in life should be measured by one’s positive impact on the people around him/her. Bill made it a point to emphasize how demonstrating that you care about people and are trustworthy can be a powerful differentiator in the business world and that growing a business can transform the lives of your employees. He also highlighted key attributes that he believes are vital to success in life: hard work, discipline, focus, and teamwork. Finally, he spoke about the advice he gives to his kids and new grads when it comes to career choices–that it is crucial to know yourself before making a decision that could affect the rest of your life.

Bill VanSickle with University of Montana School of Business Students

Besides the lecture, Bill VanSickle attended a number of business classes where he presented the AIM Consulting story and participated in Q&A sessions. He also took part in a round table Q&A lunch with over 30 faculty and MBA students.

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