Delivery Leadership

A Swift and Steady Course.

Leading technology projects and directing cross-functional stakeholders while mitigating risks can be as challenging as walking blindfolded through a maze.

With a proven record of consulting in product delivery and program/project management, AIM Consulting is a pillar for companies engaged in complex projects that require specific management skills. We have expert knowledge and experience in Agile, as well as other delivery methodologies, and we tailor each engagement to fit the needs of your company. Product and Project management is more than making plans, tracking status and resolving issues – those are table stakes; your business needs and deserves much more. At AIM we focus first and foremost on driving results through understanding your business, your people and your technology in order to ensure timely and quality delivery. Our goal is to partner with you to successfully deliver business value to your customers as rapidly as possible and with a high degree of quality.

AIM Consulting provides the perfect solution when you:

  • Need skilled and highly motivated Program or Project Managers to deftly integrate into your organization rapidly begin driving results.
  • Need Product Managers to act as the intersection between business value, technology, and customer experience and work with your technical teams to manage the lifecycle of your technology products.
  • Have to accelerate, improve, or course-correct programs or projects using Technical Program Management (TPM).
  • Wish to implement or formalize a Program Management Office (PMO) to drive consistency in your organization.
  • Desire coaching on Agile transformation and adoption.
  • Require industry-leading Business Analysts and Functional Analysts to guide your strategic planning, roadmap development, and requirements documentation.

AIM understands that your success depends on first-rate product and project management throughout your organization. When you need the assistance, let us help you through the maze.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Strategic Consulting

Leadership advisory from experts for comprehensive technology solutions.

Project-based Solutions

Technology designed, developed, and delivered to the highest standard.

Managed Services

Teams provided in a flexible, scalable, and co-managed approach.

Individual Contributors

Ideal consultants matched to specific project needs.

Ready for
a solution?

We work together to bring success to your organization.

Reasons to
choose AIM

  1. Proven experience delivering solutions to a wide range of companies
  2. High quality consultants from a rich network of top technology professionals
  3. Full service, single source provider for strategic insight and end-to-end delivery of solutions
  4. Flexibility to shift allocation of resources and address changing needs
  5. Relationship-focused with ongoing support for long-term strategies
  6. Better value than traditional consulting companies


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