Business Systems and Strategy

Achieve Operational Excellence.

AIM Consulting offers a full suite of services to select, implement and run the systems that power your business. We package deep technology expertise with savvy business understanding to enable your employees and customers to help achieve a competitive advantage and move your organization forward.

AIM’s experienced consultants help you integrate and optimize emerging technologies with your legacy IT. Whether you need systems like CRM to manage your interactions with customers or ERP or SCM to manage your resource planning and supply chain operations, AIM can help you navigate the options, make the right selection for your needs, and manage the implementation of the solution end-to-end.

We emphasize seamless integration of technology and business change and we measure success from the standpoint of user adoption and business value achieved.  Successful enterprise software delivery projects depend upon the right balance of people, process and technology.  AIM consultants are training focus on all three in order to make you successful.

The result: You will be able to extend your services to customers in ways that are only beginning to be imagined in most enterprises.

Here’s how AIM can help:

  • Conducting intelligent technology assessments, product evaluations and selection, and providing strategy and roadmaps to solve your organization’s most pressing needs.
  • Delivering industry-leading business analysts to thoroughly examine and document your business issues to derive the best solutions.
  • Providing elite expertise in the implementation of technology for customer relationship management, supply chain management, order processing and fulfillment, helpdesk, inventory management, and much more.

When you’re facing significant business change or complex technical projects, AIM provides both the strategy and the expert resources you need to help you leap forward. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all — we serve your best interests and provide robust technology solutions with an eye to the future.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Strategic Consulting

Leadership advisory from experts for comprehensive technology solutions.

Project-based Solutions

Technology designed, developed, and delivered to the highest standard.

Managed Services

Teams provided in a flexible, scalable, and co-managed approach.

Individual Contributors

Ideal consultants matched to specific project needs.

Ready for
a solution?

We work together to bring success to your organization.

Reasons to
choose AIM

  1. Proven experience delivering solutions to a wide range of companies
  2. High quality consultants from a rich network of top technology professionals
  3. Full service, single source provider for strategic insight and end-to-end delivery of solutions
  4. Flexibility to shift allocation of resources and address changing needs
  5. Relationship-focused with ongoing support for long-term strategies
  6. Better value than traditional consulting companies


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