Filiz Camuz

Sr. Consultant, Data & Analytics

Filiz Camuz is a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer who works on developing machine learning algorithms for business use cases. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and 15 years of experience in various IT roles.

She started her career as a network engineer where she built network systems for enterprises. She worked as an IT specialist and an IT Manager in education settings. After completing her master’s degree in 2017, Filiz pivoted her focus on Data Science. She also completed the Data Science Study at Flatiron School. Filiz’s focus is applied Data Science for businesses.

Filiz has worked on many projects using several machine learning, statistical testing, deep learning, data analyzing, data visualization, and data engineering skills. She enjoys working with stakeholders and getting valuable insights out of data. Her strength is turning business pain points into data science projects and solving them with data science tools. She has great communication, collaboration. and problem-solving skills.

Filiz is passionate about supporting women in every walk of life for equity. She was an outreach coordinator (pro-bono) for Raindrop Foundation for 5 years. She is a big fan of volunteerism.