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Advanced Analytics

Automating Insights

With the massive and continued growth and speed of data, the ability for humans to interact, consume and generate accurate insights is daunting and not scalable.

The use of advanced analytic capabilities can mine big data platforms to embed and automate future state predictive and prescriptive solutions to revolutionize an organization’s operations, increase speed to insights, and provide more accurate decisions.

  • A systematic and structured approach to data science for improving the speed, efficiency and quality of projects, products and processes.

  • End-to-end program, from business use case to solution deployment, designed to provide data science technologies with a scalable methodology to consistently and efficiently define, architect, and deploy advanced analytic solutions.

  • Solution designed to gain high-level understanding and insights from digital images and streaming media using deep learning.

  • Automatic computational processing using Natural language processing (NLP) of human languages, which include deep learning algorithms that take human-produced text as input and produce natural-looking text as outputs.

  • The processing and analysis of fast-moving live data from a variety of sources, including IoT devices, to raise automated, real-time actions or alerts.

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Our capability areas are the building blocks of our multi-disciplinary solutions, designed to address your biggest challenges and tackle your most ambitious initiatives.

Our analytics capabilities support solutions across every area of your business.

Why AIM Consulting?

Leverage Data to Drive Strategy

AIM has developed a proprietary advanced analytic methodology that helps organizations deliver value quickly, efficiently and at-scale.

Our proven approach helps identify the art of the possible across the organization, quickly developing iterative, successful solutions that can be packaged to production and maintained with MLOps frameworks.

It’s great to work at an organization that not only values your skills but also supports our clients with successful solutions.

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