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DevOps as a Service

You don’t have to do it on your own. DevOps can be implemented as a managed service with a qualified and knowledgeable consulting partner.

Stop throwing code over the wall! AIM has the skills and experience to help you implement DevOps as a Managed Service.

Your application development and IT operations teams do not have to operate in silos. DevOps is a practice to unify the teams that owns the quality and support of your technology products from development to deployment with increased efficiency and visibility for all. The best part? You don’t have to do it on your own. DevOps can be implemented as a managed service with a qualified and knowledgeable consulting partner.

DevOps implementations vary greatly from organization to organization, but they all share the same intent. Two very solid explanations of DevOps by Microsoft and Amazon/AWS provide excellent illustrations of what DevOps should be: uniting historically siloed development and operations teams to efficiently deliver applications and services through shared practices and tools, often including cloud, microservices, CI/CD pipelines, and test automation.

At AIM, we don’t care how you define DevOps. We focus on what you want DevOps to do for your organization—even if you don’t call it DevOps at all. Our expertise centers on Delivery Leadership. This translates to helping you get the most out of your technology. We can help you improve how you develop and deploy software. We can help you modernize your infrastructure, architecture, and software design. We can help you become more automated, transparent and efficient. And we can amplify the skills, collaboration and readiness of your teams to tackle the future.

Benefits of DevOps Include:

  • Eliminating waste and mistakes associated with hand-offs
  • Improving quality and stability through modernization of processes, communication and shared ownership
  • Decreasing time-to-market by automating deployment and testing so you can ship the moment the last line of code is complete

AIM Consulting capabilities related to DevOps as a Service:

  • DevOps Assessment — the readiness of your infrastructure and teams
  • Strategy and roadmap for the realization of DevOps
  • Team and organizational readiness (stakeholder buy-in, training/coaching, change management)
  • AWS / Azure cloud strategy, implementation, migration, and workflows
  • Microservices and Containerization
  • CI/CD integration and development
  • Automation of infrastructure management
  • Automation of test and deployment
  • DevSecOps (add security as a component of DevOps)
  • Recommendation and implementation of tools (Chef, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Jira, etc.)
  • DevOps Monitoring
  • Augmentation of specialized roles (SRE, DevOps Engineer, Agile Coaches etc.)

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Whether you need help with technology strategy and implementation, an in-flight project in need of additional resources, or individual contributors to bridge critical gaps in your teams, AIM is here to help.