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What’s included in
your free cloud assessment?

Our no-obligation consultation is fully complimentary and is designed to inform, educate, and add immediate value. Utilize the findings from the consultation to make efficiency improvements, boost cloud utilization, improve data security, and identify areas to optimize cost.

  • We provide a comprehensive review of your current cloud infrastructure, applications, and usage patterns.

  • Find ways to improve performance, reduce costs, and increase security.

  • We help identify areas where you could take advantage of reserved instances, spot instances, and other cost-saving options.

  • Discover ways to scale resources up or down as needed and how to improve the architecture of your applications.

  • Better manage and control your cloud infrastructure, usage, costs, and what should or should not be serverless.

Optimize performance, reduce costs, and increase security.

Managing a cloud infrastructure can be complex and challenging, and it’s easy to miss opportunities to optimize performance, reduce costs, and increase security.

Our experts identify areas for improvement and provide you with a customized plan to achieve your goals.

Take your cloud infrastructure to the next level with AIM’s cloud ecosystem consultation.

What you can achieve:

  • Infrastructure and administration cost savings (OpEx and CapEx expenditures)
  • A roadmap for migrating to a more cost-effective elastic cloud architecture
  • Increased security of your data
  • Make progress toward your ESG goals and targets

Why AIM?

We help you scale into the future.

Increase revenue, decrease operational risk, and improve your team’s productivity.

Our structured approach identifies gaps between your current capabilities and business goals to help you capitalize on the tools you have.

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