AIM Consultant Tricia Duncan Speaks at MinneFRAMA Finance, Retail and Marketing Analytics Conference

Tricia Duncan - Data Scientist - AIM Consulting Minneapolis

AIM Consultant Tricia Duncan recently had the opportunity to speak at MinneFRAMA, an annual finance, retail and marketing analytics conference organized by MinneAnalytics, a local analytics group that hosts monthly meetings and quarterly conferences. Over 800 technology and business professionals attended the event to network and listen to a variety of presentations on emerging data science and analytics trends. The Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, was also in attendance. One interesting technology that was discussed was robotic process automation (RPA) and how it is being used to generate new levels of business processes and analytics optimization.

AIM Consulting Consultant Tricia Duncan speaking at MinneFRAMA analytics conference 2018
Tricia Duncan presenting at MinneFRAMA 2018

Tricia’s speech focused on the ABC’s of Data Visualization (Audience, Best Practices, and Content) and how to make visualizations more compelling. In particular, she offered the following advice:

  1. Remember your audience
    1. Focus on their requirements
    2. Ask “What decisions are making off of these visualizations?”
    3. Use terminology that is familiar
  2. Apply data visualization best practices
    1. Know what your BI tool can do for you
    2. Don’t abuse the power
  3. Provide clear content
    1. What are you presenting is as important as who are showing it to
    2. Define axes when necessary
    3. Design iteratively
    4. Use color properly

If you would like to see all the presentation decks from the MinneFRAMA conference, click here.

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