Arnie Halder - AIM Consulting Seattle

Arnab Halder

Consultant, Technical Analyst

Arnab is a data and technical analyst, as well as a software engineer with over eight years of experience delivering technology solutions. He excels at SQL application development, including ground-up planning, programming, and implementation for core modules.


Prior to AIM, Arnab worked with Accenture during multiple engagements with Microsoft. During one engagement, he served as the sole Business Analyst and Application Developer where he created a resource and end-to-end solution for a Portfolio Management tool for the Microsoft IT Engineering group. The tool, known as ‘Orion,’ was developed in SQL with Dynamic queries and the use of VB scripting, ultimately saving the team 17% on resource planning and management expenses. Arnie is a Microsoft Certified Professional and Application Developer and graduated from the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.