Empower Self-Service Analytics

Deliver Compelling Stories with Data

Data-driven storytelling with human-centered design to create self-service analytic solutions and visualizations that are interactive, insightful and impactful to the business.

  • Leverage true self-service analytic capabilities
  • Incorporate change management and data empowerment
  • Embed operational and performance reporting into organizational process
  • Define and measure KPIs to drive increased awareness

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Results-Driven Approach

AIM Consulting has a proven methodology and data-driven storytelling expertise to help organizations analyze and leverage data, both real-time and historical, for more intelligent insights and data-driven decisions.

  • Analytics that focus on measuring existing
    and real-time operations of the organization or
    business. We use data analysis and business
    intelligence to improve efficiency and streamline
    everyday operations in real-time.

  • The design, development and delivery of business
    intelligence platforms that allow business users to
    access and interact with their data directly, instead
    of relying on a technical team member like a data
    analyst to compile data for them.

  • AIM helps organizations go beyond static
    dashboards and reporting to incorporate human-centered algorithms that responsively deliver
    correlated reports based on user clicks without
    the need to navigate to multiple pages or
    sites to find information.

  • Leveraging AIM’s cross-functional capabilities to
    allow analytics to occur within a user’s natural
    workflow without the need to toggle to another
    application. Analytic capabilities need to be
    a natural part of an end-user’s, day and these
    solutions tend to be narrowly deployed around
    specific processes.

Why AIM Consulting?

Empowering Self-Service Analytics

We help organizations leverage descriptive analytics to discover the reasons behind successes and failures, understand business needs and overall performance of the company, at both an aggregate and detailed level.

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