Application Modernization

Unlock Innovation with Modernized Applications

Modernize to leverage new technology,
heighten security, navigate bottlenecks,
andĀ accelerate software development.

Five Benefits When Modernizing Your Legacy Systems

Re-architecting for the cloud cleans up many technical limitations of the previous code. A modern system is easier to diagnose, and issues can be addressed without obstructing the entire application. Teams often tie their business processes to the limitations of their legacy applications. Modernization opens up new doors for updated features and automation to reduce manual processes and resource restraints.

Step 1

Reduce Costs

Modernization significantly reduces operational costs for maintaining legacy systems.

Step 2

Increase Agility

Microservices and containerization in the cloud provide the capacity to test new features and functionality without interruption to the overall system.

Step 3

Improve Security

Enhance the security of your critical business transactions and customer data.

Step 4

Enhance Productivity

Help your team work efficiently, reduce application incidents, improve team utilization, and eliminate or reduce manual processes.

Step 5

Advance Compliance

Deliver top-notch services while keeping ahead of software compliance regulations protecting your business.

Case Study

Modernized Legacy Check-in Consumer Site for Holland America Cruise Line

Reduced consumer concerns more than 75% in first month.

AIM’s Application Modernization Offerings

Enhancing and modernizing applications through innovative cloud-based architectures and modernĀ development processes.

  • Software Strategy & Design
  • Migrate Web Applications and Web Services to the Cloud
  • Enhance Existing Software to Leverage Cloud Services
  • Solution Architecture

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