Multiple eCommerce Web Properties Rebuilt for Getty Images

Case Study: Managed Services for Getty Images


Getty Images is a leading global creator and distributor of images, video, music, and other multimedia products that make up a significant portion of the artistic content seen in newspapers, magazines, blogs, advertisements, films, television, books and websites.

To expand its digital footprint, Getty acquired companies that operate top-performing multimedia sites with content for purchase. It is important to Getty that the customers of acquired sites enjoy the same experience so that loyalty is not compromised through changes or disruption to the design, functionality, membership, or shopping process.


Getty Images needed to rebuild several acquired eCommerce websites to seamlessly integrate with their backend systems without disrupting the user experience for each site. Getty wanted to implement Lean Agile Software Development methodology to save time to market and limit rework. However, Agile requires multiple cross-functional teams well versed in Agile principles to respond fluidly and efficiently to changing demands.

The challenge was twofold:

  1. Getty needed help with the hiring process for the volume of specialized developers needed.
  2. Getty needed a partner well versed in Agile Development methodology to lead the hired teams.


AIM Consulting worked with Getty Images to put together four Agile teams composed of Project Managers, Solution Architects, .NET Developers, and Software Automation Testers. Employing methods of Agile Software Development such as Extreme Programming (XP), Test Driven Development, Scrum, Lean, and Velocity Tracking, AIM successfully recoded the acquired eCommerce websites so that they operated alongside Getty’s existing properties without disrupting the customer experience.


All eCommerce sites were integrated with Getty’s backend system on time, on budget, and without disruption to the business or its customers. Getty achieved the financial targets set for the acquisition and also converted several AIM Consultants to full-time employment at Getty Images.