Flexible teams assembled and co-managed to perform to the highest standard.

We possess a proven track record for getting experts with the right experience and commitment to support client projects, programs, and business functions. Our approach is both strategic and dynamic, allowing you access to deeply experienced technology leaders and the flexibility to scale for long term strategies. Because we use a blended approach, your internal resources will grow from fluid integration with our highly skilled consultants and the industry-leading processes we employ.

What you get with managed services:

  • High performance resources with a proven track record of delivering for our clients
  • Culture of collaboration with a team highly invested in the success of your project
  • Guidance from technology leaders on modern architectures, methodologies, and risk mitigation strategies
  • Rapid onboarding and ramp-up with a focus on effective team dynamics
  • Scalability to respond to the needs of your business
  • Background checks and other necessary pre-deployment checks
  • Flexibility in approach – You drive the level of co-management we provide
  • Measurable goals for the team with adherence to the chosen methodology (increased velocity, estimation accuracy, etc.)
  • Knowledge transfer and continued support onsite throughout the engagement
  • People management and mentorship for resources so your team can focus on requirements
  • Simplified logistics with streamlined services for invoicing, time reporting, administration, and more.