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New Whitepaper: How much quality do you want? Improving and measuring quality in application development

Software Quality White Paper “How much quality do you want?” is a question that is never asked in application development, but it should be—up front and often.

AIM Consulting has published a new whitepaper in application development on how to improve and measure software quality.

This whitepaper includes the causes of software quality issues as well as a detailed approach for how to address software quality issues…without putting the cart before the horse.

[Excerpt] “Application development teams commonly view quality as a step that happens at the end of the development process and the responsibility of the quality assurance team (QA). At first glance, this seems reasonable as it is the job of QA to ensure that code passes various tests, that the application is stable and trustworthy, and that new features meet user acceptance criteria.

But in reality, quality is not determined by whether or not a box is checked. Quality starts at the beginning, when goals and outcomes are defined, a timeline is established, and resources are deployed, and continues throughout the entire application development process, from architecture and design straight through to deployment and round again with every new feature release.

Even if everyone understands this conceptually, when quality suffers, most teams try to improve it by adding tools or “best practices” like agile, automation or DevOps. The problem is that a lot of teams have a tendency to jump to solutions before understanding the problem. When you approach software quality analytically and comprehensively, you can ensure that not only are quality standards met, but will be able to answer the questions “how much quality do we want?” and “how much quality did we provide?”

Download the full whitepaper, How Much Quality Do You Want? Improving and measuring quality in application development.


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