New Case Study: Software License Renewal Solution with Kanban and Jira Improves Software Asset Management Efficiencies

We have a new case study in the area of Cloud & Operations on how AIM utilized Jira and Kanban boards to optimize business and software renewal processes for a major retailer. Stakeholders are elated over how the solution has empowered them in many ways:

  • Increased insight and control by leadership over the timing, cost structures, and other details of software license renewals.
  • A much more consistent set of roles and responsibilities across all stakeholder teams, leading to improved cross-collaboration.
  • The removal of duplicative work.
  • One consistent record of renewal, eliminating the need to search through siloed documents and data.
  • Reduced risk of unnecessary auto-renewals from simple awareness of when renewals are approaching.

Click here to read the full case study.

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