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New Case Study: Kafka Supply Chain Management Automation

We have a new case study in the area of Application Development on how we helped an international retailer streamline its supply chain management processes by devising new Kafka solution architecture.

Our work included:

  • A current-state assessment of existing supply chain management system architectures
  • A comprehensive architectural strategy and execution plan
  • Detailed recommendations, including:
    • Schema Registry, Kafka Connect, and KStream microservices using Spring Cloud framework 
    • Apache Avro schema 
    • Metrics from Kafka components and streaming applications 
    • Centralized enterprise logging 
    • Rule-based alerting to recognize excessive loads or outages 
    • Quality-driven development emphasizing unit testing and integration testing, automated and performed by the CI/CD system 
    • Multi-region disaster-recovery plan

Team stakeholders are thrilled with the thoroughness of AIM’s assessment and plan for the new Kafka solution architecture. The team has chosen AIM to oversee the implementation and ensure the vision comes to life. Once the solution is implemented, the team will have an automated system robust enough to handle the company’s meteoric growth.  

Click here to read the full case study.

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