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New Case Study: AIM Consulting Delivers Crew Systems Integration Solution

We have a new case study in the area of Delivery Leadership on how we helped an airline through a complex systems integration solution using our change management and delivery leadership expertise.

Our work included:

  • Creating consensus on project schedule task formatting, how to status tasks, and how code would flow from development to user testing.
  • Standardizing project status reporting, including harmonizing of definitions, declaring status report time-frames, and ensuring that reports were always delivered with fresh data.
  • Standardizing development meetings to uncover issues quickly and determine the best processes to expedite their resolution.
  • Developing a communications cadence leading to an end-to-end view of software delivery, testing, and user acceptance.
  • Developing a change management process to address scope changes as they were uncovered.
  • Merging the development content timelines with environment planning, integrated testing and user testing schedules to ensure those teams understood when to expect software deliveries.

Thanks to the systems integration solution, each system now operates fluently within the airline’s family of applications and on a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes.

Click here to read the full case study

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