Box and Microsoft Azure

Box Augments Enterprise Presence with Microsoft Azure Partnership

With its recently announced expanded partnership with Microsoft, Box has made a strong move to increase its position in the enterprise space. This new joint offering will be the first time Box has gone fully to market with one of the big four public cloud providers and should be available by late 2017.

Already collaborating with Microsoft in Office 365, Box is furthering its partnership by integrating with Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage platform. Box and Microsoft will commit to a variety of shared investments and initiatives, including the following:

  • Co-selling Box with Azure, placing more emphasis on the partnership and de-emphasizing the direct competition between Box and OneDrive.
  • Growing Box Zones coverage by taking advantage of Azure’s 40 global datacenter regions and addressing critical data privacy concerns for global companies.
  • Integrating Azure’s best-in-class AI and machine-learning capabilities to improve upon Box’s content management capabilities. This potentially includes video indexing, which uses natural language processing to generate metadata and power advanced search capabilities.

The partnership allows Box to evangelize its cloud content management services on a much greater global scale than it can on its own and allows Microsoft to expand its AI technologies through a company that is rapidly growing in the enterprise content management space.

Box also partners with AWS, IBM and Google for Cloud, but the enhanced Microsoft partnership represents a big leap forward for the company as an enterprise solution.

AIM Consulting is a preferred partner for Box as part of AIM’s delivery leadership capabilities, emphasizing SaaS application delivery and change management as well as data governance, data migration management, and analytics.

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