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AIM Consulting the #1 Best Place to Work in Denver for 2018

AIM Consulting Denver is honored to be the #1 ranked company for the in the small business category for the 2018 Best Place to Work Award by the Denver Business Journal!Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work Award 2018

This is the first year that the Denver office has been recognized by the Denver Business Journal. Companies were evaluated based on employee surveys that focused on leadership, culture, training, and growth opportunities. Finalist rankings were revealed at an awards ceremony at the Stanley Marketplace Hanger on June 20th.

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AIM Consulting Denver was also featured in the Denver Business Journal as the top place winner of the small category on June 21, 2018:

AIM Consulting grows through teamwork, attitude and discipline

Winner – Small Category

By Jennifer Oldham, Special to the Denver Business Journal

The raw sounds of grunge, dance music and funky rhythm and blues can often be heard wafting through AIM Consulting Group, LLC’s open-air offices near Colorado Boulevard and Interstate 25. The music is a motivator for the technology consulting firm’s employees as they team up to tackle tough assignments. The firm is all about forging relationships among its 10 employees, as well as its Denver clients like DaVita, Western Union, Arrow Electronics, Dish Network and Xcel Energy.

“The beauty of our environment is it’s not very hierarchal — everybody is on the same level playing field,” said Mike Rowse, managing partner at AIM’s Denver office. “It doesn’t matter who has what title; we are all trying to help each other be successful.”

To keep this entrepreneurial team spirit alive at a fast-growing company, AIM Consulting’s salespeople, talent managers and network technology staff also participate in trivia competitions, monthly happy hours and barbecues. These events are geared to pull employees away from work for a bit so they can be more productive when they return, Rowse said.

“What we do is not easy,” said Rowse, who started the Denver office about five years ago. “We deal with people at all different levels so we need to stay aware, professional and positive.”

AIM Consulting’s headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington, and the 12-year-old company has offices in Minneapolis and Houston. The firm employs more than 800 consultants a year, forming custom-built teams to figure out complicated technical issues for companies nationwide Starbucks Best Buy Microsoft and Nordstrom are among its clients. It calls its staff “technologists.”

Challenging technical projects — like helping companies boost sales using mobile applications, understand the benefits of cloud computing, or ensure their systems comply with the European Union’s privacy policies — demand discipline and focus from employees. To foster these skills and learn best practices from other markets, the company provides internal training and encourages employees to swap offices, said Rowse.

“Our core covenants are teamwork, attitude and discipline,” he added. “Our culture is focused on learning.” The company’s compensation is “overly competitive for the market,” Rowse said, and team members also receive commissions and “milestone bonuses,” as well as a team “incentive trip” at the end of the year if they meet certain goals.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, according to AIM, the firm works to get to know and understand the strengths of the market’s most talented consultants so it can pair them with clients.

Rowse, an avid athlete who enjoys playing local recreational league basketball, sometimes takes Friday as an excuse to play country music for his team — a genre of which much of the team isn’t overly fond. “They don’t like my country as much as I like it,” he said. “But on Fridays it contributes to our lively environment.”

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