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AIM Consulting Sponsors Agile Product Management Symposium in Seattle

AIM Consulting would like to invite our consultants, clients and business partners to join us for an Agile Product Management Symposium in Seattle on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at Alaska Club Ballroom, Courtyard Seattle in Pioneer Square. The symposium is hosted by True North Consortium.

AIM Consulting and True North Consortium believe that Agile Product Management is the key to being able to realize business value faster. Each symposium is a one-day peer conference that brings together thought leaders and practitioners to share knowledge and advance the state of Agile Product Management. This particular conference will focus on learning about specific topics and then creating a report for the general community. All findings are sent back to the Agile Product Management Discussion group, which helps to promote year-round learning. Attendees can chime in on what topics you want to discuss on the Agile Product Management discussion group.

Potential topics include:

  • What does a healthy relationship between product managers and product owners look like?
  • What are the best techniques to prioritize my backlogs?
  • What should be on my backlog (and why)?
  • How can I get the engineering teams to work together to get me value faster?
  • How does a PMO contribute effectively to an Agile environment?
  • How do I get management to fully support our Agile transformation?

Ticket Price:

  • $195 for individuals
  • $495 for groups of three
  • $895 for groups of six

Learn more and register for the Agile Product Symposium in Seattle.

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