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AIM Consulting Hires James Watkins to Lead Seattle Data and Analytics Practice

James Watkins - Director of Data and Analytics - AIM Consulting SeattleAIM is excited to announce that it has hired James Watkins as the Director of its Seattle Data & Analytics practice! In this role, Watkins will be responsible for overseeing D&A initiatives for clients around the Greater Seattle area.

James Watkins brings more than two decades of experience delivering data driven insights in finance, retail, technology, manufacturing, consulting, and more. James started working with Data and Analytics in a serious way in grad school. Since then, the tools have improved but the goals are the same: using data to discover something actionable and ultimately profitable. Starting with building big data repositories and data munging for large bank mergers, James worked up to high volume data driven trading and valuation applications, and then moved to consulting with companies ranging from Fortune 50’s to startups. Along the way, James’ teams have won numerous awards for innovation and service from leading data & analytics software companies.

Welcome aboard, James!


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