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Set Your Data Free.

Your data has a story to tell: a tale of new opportunities for your business, crystal-clear vision and smarter business decisions.

Data is arguably your organization’s most critical asset, but it’s only useful if you can trust its integrity and access it when you need it. AIM Consulting can assist your organization with its entire data ecology, helping you improve your data maturity so you can commoditize your data, gain insight into your business and make smarter business decisions.

Here’s how AIM’s data and analytics expertise can help your organization:

  • Data Governance and Data Maturity: Take ownership of your data and create oversight for its management, including the assignment of data stewards and the creation of data flow maps and policies, ensuring that your data’s integrity is defined and maintained across the business through a proven maturity process.
  • Data Quality & Data Cleansing: Achieve data quality by employing business processes and techniques to ensure completeness, uniqueness, and other measurements of quality from the data source through ETL to the data warehouse, so that your data will be usable across the enterprise.
  • Data Modeling: Define and analyze the business objectives that your data supports and logically structure data models to inform your information systems and data warehouse design. We leverage best-of-breed data modeling techniques to insure the best structure for cross-functional analysis of your business and products.
  • ETL (Extract-Transform-Load): Properly design ETL systems to pull your data from the original sources, cleanse and prepare it according to an intelligent data model and populate it to a data mart, data warehouse, or data store so that you can access for operations and reporting.
  • Big Data: Manage large quantities of structured and unstructured data that have complex/flexible storage and analysis requirements including mobile data and web data. (NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, etc).
  • Data Analytics and Visualization: Build, implement, or optimize tools to query your data, generate reports, and create dashboards with KPIs for each level of the business.

With deep industry experience in data and analytics solutions, strategies, and roadmaps, AIM Consulting helps to bring your data’s story to the surface so you can commoditize it.

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