Application Development

Vibrant Applications.

When integrated smoothly into the right architecture, your enterprise applications become part of a well-oiled machine that increases productivity and adds life to your business.

At AIM Consulting, we ensure your enterprise applications are streamlined and cohesive, empowering you to evolve your application development in a structured way that guarantees quality. Operating in the right environment, your enterprise applications should be built to adjust to market conditions rapidly. That’s our goal when we partner with you.

Our consultants have deep industry experience in the following:

  • Enterprise Application Development: Development and integration of your critical applications utilizing .NET, Java, Ruby and other technologies through managed services or distributed development with offshore teams in Costa Rica.  We will assist in navigating issues of multi-tenancy, operational support, requirements management and security to ensure a cohesive platform while keeping data secure.
  • Web Development: Focused on creating user experiences for your customers, with consideration for localization/globalization, accessibility, security and performance (technologies we leverage include ASP.NET, JavaScript, PHP, etc.).
  • Cloud Development: Building applications to leverage either PaaS (Cloud: Heroku, Azure, AWS, AppFog) or IaaS (AWS, Azure) environments while applying capacity management and other disciplines to ensure efficiency and scale.
  • SOA / Web Services: Leveraging Java and C# to build back-end services that interact with front-end development, ensuring that your organization’s service architecture is built effectively to support applications — both internal and external — that are critical to your customers.
  • Enterprise Architecture: Ensuring easy connectivity between the applications in your portfolio by standardizing on strategy, platform consistency, and technical requirements.
  • Application Lifecycle (Scrum, Continuous Integration, etc.): Assisting your teams in rapidly prototyping, developing, and frequently releasing new features.
  • Test Strategy / Automation: Automating repetitive but necessary tasks in integration and unit testing with tools such as JUnit, Selenium, etc.

Depending on your needs, we supply the proper leadership, methodologies, development teams and effective development tools to get the job done.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Strategic Consulting

Leadership advisory from experts for comprehensive technology solutions.

Project-based Solutions

Technology designed, developed, and delivered to the highest standard.

Managed Services

Teams provided in a flexible, scalable, and co-managed approach.

Individual Contributors

Ideal consultants matched to specific project needs.

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  1. Proven experience delivering solutions to a wide range of companies
  2. High quality consultants from a rich network of top technology professionals
  3. Full service, single source provider for strategic insight and end-to-end delivery of solutions
  4. Flexibility to shift allocation of resources and address changing needs
  5. Relationship-focused with ongoing support for long-term strategies
  6. Better value than traditional consulting companies


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