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FierceCIO publishes IT Service Management: Transforming IT From Managing Technology to Empowering Business[EXCERPT]

One of the great hidden transformations happening in businesses today is within IT. As businesses become more focused on providing better customer-facing experiences through services, IT becomes necessarily intertwined in supporting increasingly complex ecosystems of people, processes, and technology.

The push for more technology services has been building steam due to innovations in services automation, remote storage and the availability of SaaS solutions for managing services. As these innovations have become increasingly important to the business, IT has been proactive in evaluating fit and driving adoption while continuing to make sure that technology within the business operates without interruption. To meet this expectation, IT organizations have begun adopting a mindset of service management. Despite having embraced the idea, they struggle with the change.

Change is hard. We’re rational beings tied to routines that make us feel confident in our capabilities. When confronted with change, it’s natural to question the value or need for it in the first place. It follows then that, shifting an entire organization’s mindset from a technology culture to a service-oriented culture will require time and an intentional effort on the part of management and the executive team. In order to help make the transition to IT service management more successful, I recommend taking the following into consideration.

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