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More and more companies are turning to Agile to improve their project success rates, and Scrum is the most popular method. The problem is that as you transition your company to a Scrum environment, it is a challenge to find candidates with a legitimate Scrum background. Due to the flexibility of Scrum and the eagerness of many to obtain Scrum experience, many people are not actually qualified to work within a Scrum team, especially in transitioning environments.

That might sound a bit negative, but I’ve seen a lot of Scrum team candidates in my time. After interviewing a Scrum business analyst candidate who claimed five years of experience yet who couldn’t tell me what a “story” was, I’ve become skeptical. So how do you find the right people who are going to move your company forward?

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Scrum Alliance: Finding Strong Scrum Resources in a Less than Standardized World


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