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Mobile technology has changed how we behave, from how we communicate with friends to how we consume news and information to how we shop for and purchase products. And the trend is skyrocketing. According to Flurry Analytics, mobile app usage grew by 76% in 2014, and shopping apps on iOS and Android increased an incredible 174% year-over-year – 220% on Android alone.

Enterprises have clearly seized upon the opportunity to leverage mobile technologies to connect with consumers, especially in retail. But another sizeable opportunity is ripe for attention: using mobile technologies to connect with an organization’s own employees, offering new ways for employees to feel better about the work they do and strengthen their commitment to the organization.

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App Developer Magazine: Enhancing Employee Engagement with Mobile Technology

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Joey Shevelson Joey Shevelson has more than 10 years of experience as a product manager with a concentration in mobile application development. Specializing in mobile product management, e-commerce, and UX design, Joey has a passion for crafting powerful interactive experiences that delight customers and advance business goals. He is driven to help clients unlock the potential for mobile technologies to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. He believes in strategies grounded in a strong brand identity and focuses on adherence to brand values from project inception to final delivery.