• The Online Check-in Application project elevated my thinking around AIM Consulting as a vendor and partner and the maturity they bring to managed services and project delivery. They had the most mature estimation model I’ve seen in the five years I’ve been working with HAL and technology consulting vendors in the Seattle market. And of course the upfront due diligence they showed throughout the project resulted in the smoothest launch imaginable. This is our first entirely responsive commerce application delivered for both HAL and SBN simultaneously and a huge milestone for our web properties and guest experience. The partnership has been really fantastic. — Therron Hofsetz, Director – Enterprise Applications, Holland America Line

  • AIM is not a staffing house, AIM is a professional business with talented consultants and they do a great job of empowering and counseling us. I always felt like I had an open door any time I needed to run something by Taylor and that is very much appreciated. – John Saban, Project Manager

  • A year has passed since our go-live date and we are on track to achieve all of our goals. We are realizing great value from the initial portal and are now moving forward with a broader version to support our primary distribution business. — Kyle Dallape, Vice President – Executive Management, Batory Foods

  • We needed a consulting partner to help us strategically navigate the options. AIM provided us with a great deal of insight and guided us every step of the way. – Ira Barsky, E-Commerce Manager, Batory Foods

  • In an ever changing fluid industry, they continually make focus more on the needs of your future rather than defining you as a number. – Walter Pyne, Sr. Systems Engineer

  • I have spent more than a decade in enterprise IT before working with AIM. I experienced a lot of difficulty breaking away from service desk work to get into systems administration. AIM was able to work with me on my career goals and aligning me with a customer in need of my skill-set and talents where I became a valued asset. The client ended up converting me to FTE before my contract was over. – A. D., Associate Systems Administrator

  • Great company to work with. – T. C., QA

  • AIM was great in getting me in the door and keeping in touch with me. They were understanding with the peculiarities of my situation and worked around them. – Jorge Roccatagliata, Software Engineer

  • As somebody with a fairly niche set of skills(Salesforce and Forefront Identity Manager primarily) I was very impressed that AIM was able to find me a long-term contract at a great company… I’m glad I worked with AIM and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. – Geoff Evans, FIM Engineer

  • I was forwarded a job listing one morning and I called AIM. Adam answered the phone and we had a great conversation. I didn’t realize AIM was a consulting agency at first. i lived in Chelan and was seeking work in the Bellevue/Seattle area. He kept in great contact and asked precise questions until he understood my skill set really well. He sent me to 2 interviews, I bombed the first one (ask Kyle) and I just went full time with the 2nd and am extremely happy. I will recommend Adam and AIM to anyone and everyone I know that is looking. Thanks guys! – Kyle Bluff, WordPress Developer

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