AIM Consulting Announces Change in Executive Leadership

Seattle, WA – AIM Consulting, a leading technology solutions and services company, today announced that Bill VanSickle, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is moving to the role of Executive Chairman, and that Kyle Guilford, Co-founder and President, will take on the role of CEO.

Bill VanSickle and Kyle Guilford are both co-founders of AIM Consulting, along with Josh Bowser. The company has grown from a small IT consulting services agency to become an industry leader in technology consulting solutions for some of the biggest and best companies in the world. AIM Consulting has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States and as well as one of the best places to work. In his new role as Executive Chairman, Bill VanSickle will focus on new markets and leadership development. Kyle Guilford will be responsible for driving the company’s financial and operational growth.

“The vision, values and leadership that Bill has imparted to this company continue to be central to what AIM Consulting is all about,” said Kyle Guilford. “I have worked closely with Bill for nearly 16 years now and am honored by the opportunity to now lead the company through the next phase of growth as its President and CEO.”

“Kyle has been leading the highest growth region of AIM Consulting for the last decade,” said Bill VanSickle. “He has an excellent track record of driving performance and building great teams.  His dedication, drive, and relentless pursuit of excellence is an inspiration and allows me the opportunity to focus my attention on expanding AIM’s services into new markets. I look forward to seeing the continued growth we have been experiencing year after year under his leadership.”

About AIM Consulting

Founded in 2006, AIM Consulting is a rapidly growing, nationally-recognized leader in technology solutions and services. With offices in Denver, Minneapolis and Seattle, AIM Consulting has the people, processes, and tools to provide companies with strategic guidance on business-critical initiatives and deliver end-to-end solutions. AIM meets the highest standard of excellence in technology, for better value than other consulting companies, with 100% focus on forging long-term relationships with deeply-experienced consultants and building high-performance, service-oriented teams that produce results.