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Kevin McClintock

Sr. Consultant

Kevin McClintock has over a decade of programming experience using a variety of languages and technologies, including .NET, Java, and C#. He is also adept in agile methodologies. Prior to joining AIM, Kevin was a Sr. Development Lead at Microsoft overseeing a team of 40, providing enterprise level SOA solutions for the activation and licensing of Microsoft products within the global marketplace.  Kevin has worked in many roles ranging from independent consultant to enterprise level architect. Most recently with AIM, he developed a new customer account management portal for Safeco Insurance on behalf of Liberty Mutual. The new portal receives over 350K visits per month, seamlessly integrates legacy services into RESTful API’s, and bridges various security platforms to provide single-login capabilities that support modern Angular and traditional ASP. He also developed a data analytics platform that automated daily transfers of $2+ billion from large banks at Western Union as a Sr. Architect. Kevin has degrees in Accounting and Software Engineering.

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